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  • We believe education should be accompanied with bit of fun. It should not be mere learning, it should be happy learning.
  • The more you learn with ease, more retention of the concepts will be there for longer time. Some concepts taught in our primary school level will be remembered forever, because some interesting way of conveying or understanding the subject will be etched in our mind forever.
  • One such interesting way of learning the subject with respect to civil services exam preparation is learning through movies, web series, and reading novels.
  • While studying instead of only text, audio- visual will be having more impact according to research.
  • Some scenes in the movies, web series, and novels will help you to motivate, inspire, analyse the situation, and connect with the subjects related to exam.
  • Instead of rote learning, UPSC LOUNGE helps in making the learning interesting with our initiative ‘happy learning’
  • The suggestions with respect to ‘happy learning’ should be taken as a pinch of salt without hampering the motivation behind your path chosen.

Welcome to HAPPY LEARNING initiative!!


  • Some movies will be controversial, biased, polarized. We suggest you to watch the movie without any prejudice and analyse the concepts. If possible go and check the correct facts, this will give more retention of the concepts.
  • Some movies will be fabricated and dramatised, we suggest you to know the real concepts behind that.
  • We don’t have any intention of endorsing, glorifying the controversial cinemas, our only intention is to make you analyse the dimensions of the topics relevant for exam preparation.
  • Avoid binge watching, it is waste of time. Watch movies to have relaxation, enjoy couple of hours and get back to studies.