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'Making Of An Officer'

(Guaranteed Score >170/275 or MONEY BACK)

(Civil services examination) CSE in India is one of the several examination conducted by UPSC for the recruitment of All India Services like IAS, IPS , IFoS and Group A services like IFS , IRS etc

Preliminary examination (Objective-type)

Main examination (Descriptive- type)

Personality test (interview )

Hello Future Officers!!
Congratulations for writing the toughest exam of this country -UPSC CSE! The fatigue and lethargy post-CSM must have been vanished by now. All cblackit to your mental rectitude and physical endurance towards realising your dreams. You have written almost 30000 words in your Nine papers! Kudos to the spirit which propelled you to the exam centres (amidst challenges of Corona pandemic, Lockdown, Physical Distancing etc). CSE 2020 will be remembeblack for all reasons and people who will clear this exam shall cherish the good or bad memories forever.
The last hurdle of this exam is the Personality Test /Interview carrying 275 marks ,highest of any paper (in Mains- 250 Marks per paper).PT is a matter of Make or Break because some students make it to the list with a decent score in mains and scoring very good marks in PT while a few deserving are left out of ‘R’ list despite of commendable score in written papers but poor show in PT . Please have a look on Written and PT scores attained by the recommended candidates of CSE 18/19 and their AIR. This highlights the Saying-Marks of PT decides the cadre and Services.
If you perform un-satisfactory in PT and do not find a place in the holy pdf, you are hard pressed for the upcoming Pre Exam with less time available making your competition tougher.

Understanding the personality Test!

PT is the platform to assess your final candidature for All India Services and other services and this is the First time when you are coming face to face with the reps of UPSC at Dholpur House. The Panel weighs your communication and conduct held in that room which is preview to you and only to you.

Creating a Good strategy!

I have always said that preparation for PT should be taken with serious note and with a proper strategy similar to GS 1-2-3-4 OR Optional Subject. My view was reinforced when I had interacted with almost 120 candidates last year during our INTERVIEW MANAGEMENET PROGRAM. Some candidates were really smart to know what was Needed and did sail through, But many candidates were anxious and they could not perform up to the mark. End Result-many will visit Dholpur House this year again.
My observation is that the PT is a game of displaying Personality rather than rot learning and verbal diarrhoea , of Expression rather than Being Shy , of Smartness rather than being too outdated/demoralised/disinterested and finally about Managing the Theatre .Your marks are directly proportionate to your abilities to handle stress and putting up justifiable arguments . The Board should see, in you, a dynamic ,well balanced ,rational decision maker and emotionally Intelligent officer-in making.Right Approach ahead!


Abraham Lincoln stated that he would utilise maximum out of allotted time for sharpening the weapon to accomplish the task.
And your weapons are-Attributes of Personality and Communication skills. You need to understand ,capitalise, learn, unlearn and reshape many tenets of your personality .
So not doing much MannKiBat, let me introduce the Comprehensive Program of IMP which has been conceived to prepare serious students for the final battle because we know it’s the last hurdle between you and the Success. We propose to give you highly interactive sessions with our seasoned panellists to train you for the opinion based questions or to handle unpblackictable case discussions .

Can you frame a reply to HOT issues like

-----------And many more.

Know candid answers from the experienced and ex -civil servants whom you can take an authority to answer. You will also love to meet your immediate seniors (Last year’s successful students) and will know some Do’s and Don’t’s. Idea is to groom you well beforehand followed by Two Online sessions and One Offline session with our qualified Board members, some of them have graced the UPSC Boards in the past. To allay your apprehensions regarding your medical status, we will also conduct medical examination by the qualified doctors and prescribe you medical advice accordingly. Why to appear with gross obesity if you can address it with time in hand and a nutritionist to support your will power?

Details of the program:-

Opening Session by Senior IAS –What is PT and what UPSC expects from You?

What and How to fill in DAF?

360 degree Dissection of your DAF-Microscopic view

Understanding Bigger picture-Dynamics of Indian Foreign Policy by the Ex Envoy

Understanding External and Internal Security domain of India and Globe by DGP/GEN

A session on communication skills and effective and logical Expression

Strengthening your Emotional Intelligence and decision making capabilities

Leadership Lessons-Imbibing right skillset and Aptitude making
Pearls of Wisdom-Motivational doses by Ex IAS,IPS,IFS ,Defence Officers

Grooming session - how to leave a long lasting impact on the Panel

One-o-One with Col Sir

Hand outs on important topics

Online Mock Interview -01 +01

CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action)

Offline Interview-01

Detailed feedback and To-Do List

Individual progress tracker

Medical Examination and advice by qualified doctors

Meet our Board members

Our Credentials!

Surprisingly, the IMP comes with a Guarantee of atleast 170 marks( CAN ANYBODY GIVE?) , this speaks volumes of our quality grooming and our confidence. It is our sincere drive towards Making you an Officer. Lets Team Up and work to realise your dreams together Because YOU HAVE IT IN YOU.




FEES DETAILS: Our Fee –Rs 5000 /- plus GST

Course Starts -April 1st,2021

With warm wishes
Your Buddy ,
LtCol(DR) LC Verma