75th Independence Day initiatives



Commemorating the 75th Independence Day, Prime Minister announced a slew of measures/initiatives and called for making the next 25 years a glorious one for India.
• A day before Independence day, the Prime minister also declared 14th August would now be observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day.

Key Initiatives
Gati Shakti Master Plan:
o It is a Rs.100 lakh-crore project for developing ‘holistic infrastructure’.
o It will help raise the global profile of local manufacturers and help them compete with their counterparts worldwide. It also raises possibilities of new future economic zones.
o It will be a source of employment opportunities for the youth in future.

National Hydrogen Mission:
o The National Hydrogen Mission and the green hydrogen sector will give India a quantum jump in meeting its climate targets.
▪ Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using an electrolyzer powered by electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.
o It will also help India to become energy independent. Today India spends over Rs 12 lakh crore on importing energy.

Rice Fortification Plan:
o The rice distributed under various government schemes will be fortified by 2024. It includes the Public Distribution System (PDS), Mid-Day Meals in schools and Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS).
o It is a significant initiative as the country has high levels of malnutrition among women and children.
▪ According to theMinistry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, every second woman in the country
is anaemic and every third child is stunted.
▪ India ranks 94 out of 107 countries and is in the ‘serious hunger’ category on the Global Hunger Index (GHI).
o Six states, including Maharashtra and Gujarat, have started distributing fortified rice as part of the pilot scheme.
▪ Food fortification or enrichment is the process of adding micronutrients to food.

Vande Bharat Trains:
o 75 Vande Bharat’ trains will connect different parts of the country in 75 weeks to mark the ongoing ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’.
o Vande Bharat, the indigenous semi-high speed train set, is being given a boost, with the Railways gearing to roll out at least 10 of them, linking around 40 cities, by August 2022 to commemorate 75 years of

Sainik Schools for Girls:
o All Sainik Schools in the country will now be open for girls also. At present, 33 Sainik schools are operating in the country.
o Sainik schools are run by the Sainik Schools Society which is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defence.
o The aim of establishing Sainik schools was to prepare the students from an early age for their entry into the Indian armed forces.

E-commerce platform for Self-Help Groups:
o This digital platform will connect the products of women Self-Help Groupswith people in far flung areas of the country as well as abroad and it will have far-reaching consequences.
o The government will create an e-commerce platform to ensure a huge market in the country and abroad for their products.
▪ More than eight crore women in the villages are associated with Self-Help Groups and they design top-end products.
• Partition Horrors Remembrance Day:
o 14th August would now be observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day.
o This day will remind Indians of the need to remove the poison of social divisions, disharmony and further strengthen the spirit of oneness, social harmony and human empowerment.