UPSC Radio Promo




Hello Aspirants, 

You are hearing to UPSC RADIO @ 9pm

We at UPSCLOUNGE always bring happy learning process..

UPSC Radio is one such initiative.its a digital audio podcast series on our website to make aspirants learn anywhere and everywhere initiative 


Benefits of UPSC RADIO –

Reading along with a upsc radio builds confidence and literacy

upsc Radio present a broad array of narrative types and subject matter

Flexible Availability – 24 Hours a Day

Consistency of Student Experience

Benefits for Mental and Visual Impairments



Reading along keeps easily distracted students extremely focused reading along with the audio helps with their focus and keeps them from “spacing out” while listening. Plus, many  students explicitly recognize that they can look back and reread something they didn’t understand when they first heard it. 


UPSC RADIO IS  accessible, and always contemporary KEEPS YOU LEARN COMPLEX ISSUES SIMPLY