Which of the following State/UT’s Government launched the  ‘DeshKe Mentor’ programme?



‘Single-point Military advice’ Related to which of the following Armed forces chief?



Which of the following Space agencies correctly matched with respect to their countries?

NASA – United States,

Roscosmos – Russia,

JAXA – China,

ESA – Europe,

CSA  – Canada.



India’s space reforms based on the which of the following pillars?

The freedom of innovation to the private sector.

The role of the government as an enabler.

To prepare youth for the future. And

To see the space sector as a resource for the progress of the common man.



With the respect to Chief of Defense Staff, choose the correct statement/statements from the following;

His core function will be to foster greater operational synergy between the three service branches of the Indian military and keep inter-service frictions to a minimum.

He will also head the newly created Department of Military Affairs (DoMA) in the Ministry of Defence.

CDS will administer the tri-services organisations/agencies related to Cyber and Space.